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Try the first personalized English Coach powered by AI

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What is TeeRead?

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TeeRead is an award-winning English teaching platform developed in collaboration with specialists from Harvard and Northwestern University, along with teachers, to accelerate your students' English results.  

We are already working with schools, teachers, and parents in the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Central America.

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Our secret sauce?

TeeRead’s AI-Powered English Coach

As former teachers and school administrators, we understand the complexities of teaching English to students at various language proficiency levels. At Teeread, we evaluate each student's English level and offer personalized reading and speaking practice with real-time feedback. Our technology ensures every student has the chance to thrive.

What does TeeRead offer?

Personalized Coaching Sessions with real-time feedback

Real Conversations powered by AI

Thousands of leveled books and activities

Easy-to-read reports and metrics available for informed decision-making

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How does TeeRead teach English?

We work with a research-based structured literacy curriculum that evaluates and teaches:

Reading Level


Oral Skills






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Who is TeeRead for?

Students from ages 6 to 12 are in key learning years that will determine their future English proficiency level. We view education as a collaborative effort, bringing together dedicated teachers, supportive parents, and motivated students.

Our value proposition for:

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Access a personal English tutor 24/7

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Monitor your child’s progress

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Personalize your English class

Our key features today

We are Always Evolving!

Personalized English Conversation and pronunciation Coach
Automatic feedback to students
Vocabulary sessions
+160 reading assessments
+3.000 books and audiobooks
Phonic activities

What do our users say?

“TeeRead provides support not only for reading comprehension but also for pronunciation, vocabulary, and expressions features that set it apart from other platforms. This proved to be a valuable asset in assisting children who needed additional support, and they found this tool to be fun, clear, and easy to use.”


English Coordinator and Teacher Colegio San Bartolomé, Colombia

Schools choosing TeeRead

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TeeRead is your teacher's helper,

Inside the classroom and at home!

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